Get a sensational Serta bed at The Mattress Warehouse

Loved for their reliable stigma as a trustworthy, supportive, and comfortable mattress company, Serta Mattresses live up to their fame.

Targeted at South Africans, two of Serta’s most impressive mattress ranges are the Sertapedic Range and the Serta Perfect Sleeper Range. These mattresses are sensational in support, comfort, and style.

The Supportive Sertapedic Range:

Focusing on ultimate back support and relief, the Sertapedic Range offers a wide variety of firmness from luxuriously lavish to fantastically firm.

You can pick and choose what works best for you improving your spine health and sleep experience and memory foam or traditional innerspring designs are also part of your array of choices. The Sertapedic Range is also endorsed world-wide by Orthopaedic Associations.

The Peak of Suitability: The PerfectSleeper:

Designed to accommodate those who desire the traditional style but require the modern technologies, the PerfectSleeper finds the ideal middle ground ticking all these difficult boxes. Enjoy the advanced, latest comfort technologies and the fascinating steel coil innerspring support system whilst maintaining the simple and well-loved style of old.

Using only cutting edge designs and technology, Serta beds guarantee that your spine will be supported in the right ways.

Serta says these are the ways that most people benefit from their beds:

  • Each bed is designed to give you undisturbed sleep. This is accomplished by relieving any pressure points and giving you the very best comfort.
  • Supporting your back and spine is the primary purpose of the beds. These beds are going to give you all of the support that you need and with a world class edge support system, you will be benefitting from orthopedically accurate support.
  • The beds are created using the same techniques that come from years of creating the very best beds. You will benefit from a long history of research and technology.
  • It is a worthwhile investment. The beds are made from only the very best materials, giving it a long lifespan. You will also benefit from the many nights of deep, comfortable and healthy sleep.

Serta mattresses are brilliantly made every time and there is a bed within this brand that is suitable for your body and your sleep needs. With a bed that supports the alignment of your spine, you will never want to sleep on another bed again. Each has a range of benefits that are unique to the beds, but one thing remains the same; great sleep.

The long-lasting benefits of buying a Serta mattress include the quality, health improvement, and durability. Save for the future by spending now on your luxurious and quality ensured Serta Bed. Simply speak to our consultants online or in store for more information and specifications regarding the products – or browse each individual mattress on the Mattress Warehouse website.

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