September is deadline to get your new Sassa card

GRANT beneficiaries only have until the end of September to swap their old Sassa cards for the new.

Themba Matlou, Sassa regional executive manager, stressed the importance of the deadline at a media briefing on August 13 at Turffontein Racecourse.

Matlou said Sassa and South African Post Office (Sapo) made provision for the transition where beneficiaries immigrated from cash to electronic payment to alleviate the risk associated with cash management.

“Sassa will establish more home visits for beneficiaries older than 75 and those who qualify for home visits can call our toll-free contacts,” he said.

“Other mechanisms established by Sapo and Sassa are education about the use of the beneficiaries’ secret pin codes and to share information of available payment channels. We will also ensure queue management on swap sites so that the process can be fast,” said Matlou.

About 82 people will be employed for door to door communication with beneficiaries to educate them about their new cards.

A call centre will be operational to assist beneficiaries with information on about 146 call centres which have been established in the region. Beneficiaries with contact numbers on their profiles will be contacted via a standardised message to advise on beneficiaries’ nearest point of call.

For more information, contact Sassa’s customer care on 012 400 2322 or the toll-free number 0800 60 10 11.

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