Streetlights still burning day and night

I have noticed that streetlights are left on during the day, all day all over Brackenhurst and Brackendowns.

The council cannot afford to waste electricity and I would like to know why this is happening.

I have emailed them, as well as councillor van Wyk, numerous times but am getting absolutely nowhere.

Complaints on the e-Siyakhokha website also are also futile. The council does not bother to reply and clearly does not care.

Frustrated resident

The process

On the same day (August 7) we received this letter, the call centre replied via email: Please can you send me your cellphone number and full street address that I can log a call for you?

The writer of the letter subsequently received a reference number.

On August 15 the writer of the letter notified the RECORD that he has heard nothing.

The RECORD also contacted the councillor and asked for comment and was included in her email to the department stating: “As per Bruna and myself visiting you on several occasions, we and the community need a proper answer regarding the street lights either burning all day and night or burning during the day or not burning at all. I am not referring to individual lights but rather whole sections of an area or street.”

The person she escalated the request to replied via email stating: “Your email below is noted. Unfortunately, I’m not delegated/authorised to comment on media enquiries. All media enquiries need to go through the Media Office of CoE.”

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