When should children be given cellphones?

THE RECORD asked the community the following question: At what age did your child get their first cellphone and why did you buy it for them?

Here’s what public members had to say:

DEBORAH NARE: “I bought my child a cellphone when she was 21 years old because I did not want her to have any distractions in school.”

PAUL MOKOENA: “My son got his phone at 10. He was complaining that all of his friends had phones so I gave him one to keep him happy.”

THOMAS NTULI: “I bought my child a cellphone at age 11 due to the fact that I am working far away and using public transport.”

FRANCINA RAMONTSENG: “My child got a phone at the age of 5 years old. I bought it for the educational reasons.”

EDWARD NDLOVU: “I bought my daughter her first phone when she was 13. I didn’t want her to depend on my mother to make calls. Now she can communicate freely with me on her own phone.”

PETER MOKUMA: “I think 15 is the right age. When they are in high school they need to be able to contact you if something is wrong.”

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