Know the Ward 38 members

MEET your ward committee members for Ward 38.

WARD committees in the City of Ekurhuleni (COE) are meant to encourage participation by the community.

In return the committee is tasked to make COE aware of the needs and concerns of residents and also keep residents informed of the activities of municipal council.Ward committees are made up of a ward councillor and no more than 10 people who are elected from the ward and who serve voluntarily for a five-year term.

The ward committee is an advisory body, meaning that it can make recommendations to COE, but does not have the power to make decisions on its own.

The ward councillor is responsible for organising meetings and setting the ward committee agendas. If the ward councillor does not attend the meeting, the ward committee may set the agenda itself.

For more information about ward committee meetings, contact councillor Malcolm Maifala on 084 020 7479.

SAFETY: Gavin Schutte has been a member of the police reservists for a number of years and has worked very closely with the community of Brackenhurst and Brackendowns, He is a representative for community safety sector.

TRUDY WEBB: She is a representative on the ward committee for the aged and people with disability sector. She is also a treasurer for a charity organisation, Broken Wings.

DEVELOPMENT: Lawrence Jodo has lived in the area for a number of years and he is a representative for health and social development.

COMMUNITY: Chris Groen is a member of the police reservists and is also passionate about the area’s healthy environment, he is a representative for environmental development.

LATEST MEMBER: Ronald Thurling is the latest member and is the representative of the youth sector.

HERITAGE: Alfred Msimaka represents sport, heritage, recreation, arts and culture (SHRAC) Sector.

REPRESENTATIVE: A resident of Brackenhurst for a number of years, Sarel du Preez is a representative on for the infrastructure services sector.

ACTIVE MEMBER: Nisha Govender is a representative for the faith-based organisations sector.

CHAIRPERSON: Concillor Malcolm Maifala is the chairperson of the Ward Committee and ward councillor for Ward 38.

CHILDREN: Valerie Jodo is involved in early childhood development and is a representative for the women and children sector.

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