Paddlers getting fit for serious canoeing

PADDLERS in Gauteng are getting organised and fit as they prepare for the upcoming A Grade Fish River in October, to be followed by the Dusi in February.

The season, which begins in April, covers winter training but with the warmer spring weather, the paddlers are taking their fitness more seriously to prepare for the races from 20km races, building up to 80km, until the 120km endurance event. Watuni Canoe Club, based in Vanderbijlpark at the North West University campus, hosted the 20km river race from the Makery in Henley on Klip, through Meyerton and some awesome whitewater rapids, with a good winter water level in Gauteng, to finish at the Danie Maclean Park, downriver.

The race took place on August 18 in dark gloomy overcast cloudy and cold weather but that didn’t deter the paddlers who tackled the river with gusto and enthusiasm.

They were the winning women in the race finishing in a time of 2:01 seconds, despite being in the 50+ age category. Hats off to these determined women on the river.

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