Department of energy releases the Integrated Resource Plan

South Africa’s social and economic growth has for years depended on stable and efficient energy supply. This has placed a serious responsibility on Government to conduct a structured assessment and forecast of the energy sector. In order to live up to this responsibility and ensure citizens are part of the process and efforts, energy minister Jeff Radebe released the draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP is a 20-year energy blueprint to meet SA’s future power needs.

Speaking during the launch, the energy minister highlighted that the country’s electricity consumption is 30% less than what was projected when the first plan was published in 2010.

He also highlighted that Eskom’s existing generation is not at anticipated levels of the 2010 report. Radebe says the key sources of energy in the coming years will be solar, wind and gas.

Radebe explained that government’s envisaged 2030 energy mix will consist of:

  • 34, 000MW of coal, representing 46% of installed capacity
  • 7,958MW of photovoltaic (PV, or solar)
  • 4, 696MW of hydropower, or 6% of installed capacity
  • 11, 930MW of gas, or 16% of installed capacity
  • 11, 442MW of wind, or 15% of installed capacity

The draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) will be subjected to public comments for the next 60 days before it’s considered for adoption by cabinet.


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