This is how you can reduce your data usage

Internet access has over the years become an important element in advancing social and economic progress. While more people are subscribing to the idea of using the internet for various social and economic ventures, the cost of data remains a big obstacle. Here is how you can lower your data usage and save some money.

Turn off automatic updates

Apps that update when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi consume data in the background; it is therefore in your best interest to change your settings to update only manually or when connected to Wi-Fi.

Video auto-play

Disable video auto-play on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. You’ll find the option in the settings menu. You can also avoid streaming movies in the background when you are not watching.

Manually cap your mobile data

Have you ever found yourself exceeding your data allowance on your phone or tablet? Perhaps you thought everything was okay, but didn’t realize that you had exceeded your data limit until the bill arrived. Unfortunately, mobile internet is rarely unlimited. Even if you have a 20GB allowance, once you exceed this (perhaps you’re using your phone as a wireless hotspot), you will be charged for all data beyond this limit.

Optimise account sync settings

Your account sync settings are to auto-sync by default. Keep auto-sync disabled for data-hungry apps like Facebook and Google+ which use sync services to sync files like photos and videos, consuming a lot of data in the process. Google constantly syncs your data when a change is made. Most of these sync services might not be required. This background sync service affects both your data consumption and battery life.

Disable Wi-Fi assist

Wi-Fi Assist can be just as harmful as it is helpful. When trying to supplement a weak Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi Assist uses Cellular Data to help with bad service. While this does help, you could unknowingly be using a bunch of data. Disabling it will assist in curbing data wastage.

Reduce streaming quality

You could save tons of data and money by watching a lower resolution video on YouTube and still be entertained. Unless you are just particular about the 720p, 1080p and 4K high definition video quality resolutions, enabling the lowest quality setting in a video app like YouTube will likely go unnoticed.

The tips provided above should assist you in reducing your data costs.


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