Brackendowns CPF raise funds

Brackendowns CPF held a spring dance as a fund-raising event on September 1 at Apaches Bar and Nightclub.

The event, which was held to raise funds for the CPF, was attended by members, families and friends in support of the organisation.

The Brackendowns CPF is a volunteer-based organisation serving as the eyes and ears of the police, asking volunteers to patrol and be on the lookout for any potential crimes. To this end, they work closely with Brackendowns SAPS as well as security companies in the area. Members use their own vehicles and means to patrol the streets, making it safer for the residents of the area.

CPF MEMBERS: Marco Glaus, Luciano Dias and Michelle van der Ryst at Apaches Bar and Nightclub.

Due to the nature of being a volunteer group, any donations to the CPF is greatly appreciated. Jarryd Martin, of the Brackendowns CPF, shared a story with the RECORD where a donation led to the restoration of the tyres of a police sector vehicle, allowing it to get back to patrolling sooner than it would have been had it followed normal routes.

Brackendown CPF holds monthly meetings for each of their three sectors which covers the areas of Brackenhurst, Meyersdal, Albertsdal, Mayberry Park and Alrode.

DANCING IN SUPPORT: Ju-Anne and Sean Coetzee tore up the dance floor at the Spring Day fund-raiser.

There is also an overall meeting where matters pertaining to the area are discussed. The meetings are one of the best ways for residents to get information on crime in their area.

Meetings are open to any resident of the area who would like to attend. For more information on the CPF visit their website or their Facebook page.

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