UPDATE: Alberton murder suspects linked to more murders on the elderly

A 74-YEAR-OLD woman was murdered in Alberton Village on September 1 by two men.

The two suspects linked to the murder of the woman, Johnny du Plooy (26) and Shaun Oosthuizen (38) were arrested on September 6 following their pictures being placed on social media and them being identified in Krugersdorp.

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Du Plooy and Oosthuizen were out on bail from a previous murder case that occurred in July in Nelspruit – the victim was also an elderly woman, Hetta Potgieter, aged 85.

Since the suspects were granted bail in Nelspruit, they have allegedly been linked to another murder that took place in Roodepoort and then the case in Alberton.

The previous cases of murder in Roodepoort and Nelspruit had a similar modus operandi with the same method of tying the victim up, stuffing material or something in the victim’s mouth and then suffocation occurs.

A female suspect, Sheila Mandylin Vorster (48), was involved in the first trial, but she is currently not linked to the Alberton murder case. She was linked to a previous case in Potgietersrus.

The suspects allegedly gained access to the deceased’s home and tied the 74-year-old up. It has been reported that the victim suffocated.

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The suspects fled the scene in a white Nissan 1400 bakkie.

A further possible four cases are allegedly linked to the case as well.

According to the RECORD’s sister paper, Lowvelder, during the Nelspruit bail hearings of the accused, Lieutenant Colonel Erhard Stroh had warned the court six times that the accused would commit more crimes if they were granted bail. The magistrate, Leonard Ngcangca, however, ruled in favour of the defence and they were granted bail.

Despite information from police that the accused would appear in court on September 10, they appeared in court on September 7 without the knowledge of the RECORD. The accused appeared in Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Courts and were not asked to plea.

The case was postponed to September 13 for the accused to find legal aid as well as the prosecution to gather more information to the case regarding the previous cases against the accused.

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