Glenanda Primary School donates towards hospice’s training centre

A FLIP-FLOP civvies day on March 28 at Glenanda Primary led to two laptops and a cash donation of R2 120 handed over to Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services in Newmarket Park, Alberton, recently.

The foundation phase head of department and also the coordinator of the different fund-raising events at the school this year, Barbara Joseph, visited Stepping Stone Hospice to hand over the wonderful gifts to Tersia Burger, CEO of Stepping Stone Hospice and Sonia Thomson, head of HR at Stepping Stone.

“I suggested to the Grade Two group that we support Stepping Stone Hospice this year as I recognised the good work they did when my sister-in-law, Carol Durocher-Yvon, died there on September 21, 2017. Although she was only there for three days, she was made to feel comfortable in her last few days. For this, we were so grateful. Your staff were very loving, caring and supportive,” explained Barbara.

“We are eternally grateful for this donation as we will utilise the laptops in our newly established Centre for Palliative Learning,” said Tersia. Part of the vision at Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services is to establish a training centre where they would offer palliative training to empower people with palliative knowledge and skills which would allow them opportunities for fulfilling employment opportunities.

“We are committed to providing our community, learners and facilitators with the knowledge relevant to their circumstances and can positively influence their lives as well as the lives of others,” explained Tersia.


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