Essentials to buy for your 21-day lockdown

Your best option to avoid the temptation of panic-buying is to have a shopping list to work with before you hit the store.

Staple ingredients and non-perishables – such as canned, dried, and long-life foods – are the best things to buy in a situation like this.

The list below provides a guideline to shopping when you are about to go into lockdown. It is important to realise that you do not need every ingredient listed below.

What to buy for your pantry

• Long-life milk
• Canned fruits such as peaches, fruit salad and pineapples
• Fresh fruit such as apples, oranges or pears
• Dried fruit such as apricots, dates or prunes
• Vegetables such as corn, beetroot, potatoes and asparagus.

These ingredients can make a good basis for most recipes.

What to buy for your fridge

• Yogurt keeps well in the fridge
• Eggs
• Hard cheese keeps better than soft cheese, so look at cheeses such as parmesan, ricotta, feta and cheddar, whether block, sliced or grated.
• Buy vegetables that can last for a while in the fridge, such as carrots, beans, celery, broccoli and tomatoes.

What to buy for your freezer

These are foods that can generally be stored for up to three months.

• Frozen fruit and vegetables
• Frozen fish
• Frozen meat and chicken
• Home-cooked meal leftovers such as soups, casseroles, pasta sauces and curry
• Grate and freeze your cheese to give it a longer lifespan
• You can also freeze everyday things, such as bread and milk, to ensure they last longer.

Household items

• Cleaning products such as tile cleaner, washing powder, bleach, and dishwashing liquid.
• Toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toilet paper and other toiletries you may need.
• If you have a baby, you should consider buying formula, baby two-minute-noodles, baby food, enough nappies and bum cream to last you 21 days, along with wet wipes and healthy snacks for the little one to enjoy.

This is only a guideline shopping list. Take a look at your household’s specific needs and add or remove items as necessary.

Danell Watts

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