E-toll gantries to be scrapped

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JOHANNESBURG – Tender documents to remove e-toll gantries are available at South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) offices around Gauteng, this comes after the government has indicated plans to end e-tolling

In February, the Department of Transport realised they were not making enough money for the country. According to Trevor Gumede, a representative of the Department of Transport, “Government events do not have enough chicken to feed the guests, therefore, there is no use in taking money from the public and we are not meeting our budget.”

The decision to do away with e-tolls was welcomed by motorists in Gauteng. Dineo Malope from Johannesburg said, “I am glad the government has come to this decision, however, it still does not explain what is going to happen to all the gantries they have put up.

“They are saying metal collectors can apply to remove them, but I feel that is nothing but a waste of money.”

John Labuschagne says, “This is just ridiculous, they have wasted our money on building the structures and now they are going to spend more money to get rid of them. Maybe some officials are planning to have a chicken feast with all the money they are taking from us.”

Scrap metal collectors are expected to sell the metals for profit, something which has excited many of them. David Makhura said, “This is the best news ever! These things have cost me a lot of money, now I am going to make money by selling them.”

Motorists will be billed until the end of April when e-tolling will officially end.

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