SA’s Economic and social transformation on the cards

PRETORIA – President Jacob Zuma’s inauguration speech focused mostly on the National Development Plan 2013; in which he committed to seeing through the implementation of the program.

He said, “We have already placed before the nation, the National Development Plan, our road map which outlines the type of society we envisage by the year 2030.

“Through this program, we will move South Africa forward to prosperity and success.

“At a social level, as outlined in the NDP, our vision is to develop communities where households will have access to housing, water, electricity, sanitation, safe and reliable public transport, health, education, security, recreational facilities, a clean environment and adequate nutrition to count a few.”

A more confident President Zuma acknowledged the progress South Africa made in 20 years, he said, “Today we wish to acknowledge the contribution of every South African to the process of renewal, reconstruction and development of this country in the past 20 years of freedom.

“It is through your hard work, that we are able to count so many achievements in only 20 years of freedom. However, our work is not yet completed.

“Last year we conducted a frank formal Review of progress made in the past 20 years of democratic rule.

“The Review indicated that South Africa is a much better place to live in now than before 1994, due to the transformative policies of our democratic government.”

President Zuma is expected to announce his cabinet tomorrow as South Africa take the first steps in the new economic transformation.

Malcolm Maifala

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