BREAKING NEWS: Massive accident on N12

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Three motorists are reported dead following a massive pile-up on the N12 in Alberton this morning. Nine motorists are in a critical condition and 47 are injured. According to ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring,  “a petrol tanker lost control heading down the N12 near Voortrekker Road in Alberton.”

According to Netcare 911, emergency services have dispatched a helicopter to airlift critical patients. Netcare 911 spokesperson Santi Steinmann reported the following: “We urge all motorists to please be patient and avoid the area if possible. We also appeal that motorists steer clear from the emergency lane to ensure emergency vehicles can make their way to the accident scene” she said.

Motorists on the N12 are advised to avoid the accident by using the Camaro or Alberton off-ramps. Traffic is expected to be heavily congested as emergency services clean up the accident scene for the next few hours.

More details to follow. See pictures below.

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