Bodies scattered on N12 after truck crash

N12 HIGHWAY – A motorist who was just a few vehicles ahead in the N12 morning traffic said he heard a loud screeching noise behind him and a cloud of dust followed.

What he was witnessing through his rear view mirror was a collision between a large truck which was at a high speed smashing into other vehicles on the highway.

Caxton Distribution Manager, Freddy Sephaka was disturbed by the collision he had just witnessed and the after math thereof.

At least fifty two cars were involved in a pile-up caused by the truck, and as many as four bodies seen scattered on the road.

“One man was lying on the road with blood gushing out of his head, I’m not sure if he was still alive but I doubt it,” said Sephaka.

Another witness said the accident sounded like a train and it’s also believed that the trucks brakes failed.

EMS Emergency vehicles are said to be at the scene of the carnage. A helicopter was also on the scene however, emergency personnel are trying to get the injured over the barrier to emergency vehicles as their vehicles can’t get to the injured on the scene.

A full report to follow on the accident shortly.

Zesuliwe Hadebe

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