Medium density development for Raceview

ALBERTON – During a recent residents committee meeting with the developer, Rean Booysen (Femtospot) a revised proposal was presented to the ward committee.

Booysen confirmed that they will reduce the density on the stand to about half the total of the stand to 50 units per hectare, and the height of the proposed development to only two levels. A ground floor and the first level with two bedroom, two bathroom units is now tabled.

Councillor Haipel pointed out that the density proposed of 50 units per hectare was in excess of the EMM current standards of 20 units per hectare.

Those present at the meeting pointed out that the objections lodged were not limited to the units per hectare only, but also include:

* Adequacy of water supply – currently barely adequate.

* Adequacy of sewerage systems – currently appears to be overloaded.

* Control of storm water – currently inadequate especially in Phantom Street.

* Traffic congestion – original traffic study appears not to reflect mid-school term congestion and current chaos in Jacqueline Avenue. In order to cope the Alberante Randhart Security Enclosure will have to be opened up.

* Use of property designated for Education would seem to be irresponsible. Currently the local schools are overloaded and overcrowded and are in need of additional educational accommodation for learners as well as additional space for learner recreation/sporting facilities.

It has been mentioned in conversation that Alberview Primary, designed to accommodate 800 learners now has to cope with more than 1 300 learners.

It was proposed that EMM in conjunction with the Developer will have to ensure that these issues be effectively resolved. Booysen further agreed that the other half of the site will remain for education purposes for a period of two years in order to evaluate the need for education facilities in the area, and to consider viable proposals. The development will go up on land which Booysen swapped from the Gauteng Department of Education.

Members present at the meeting were adamant that until such time as points pertaining to water supply, sewage, storm water and traffic congestion were resolved the development would be resisted.

The ward committee undertook to circulate the revised proposal to the objectors, as lodged with EMM Planning Department Alberton, for their comment by no later than January 31, 2015 and made it clear that the ward committee had no authority to approve the proposal.

Any additional views and comments are most welcome and may be addressed to [email protected]

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