Speeding is not the way forward

It is important to note that accidents can occur when a person is driving faster than they should, during bad road conditions.

Every public road throughout the country has some kind of speed limit that has been put in place because experts from the relevant authorities have analysed that area and designated a speed which is safe for that particular road.

By going over the speed limit you are placing yourself at risk. Everything starts to exponentially multiply as our speed increases. The damage is far higher in a high-speed incident and is certainly more likely to happen, the faster you travel.

Your stopping distance becomes greater, for instance, if your braking distance from 60km/h to zero is, for example, 30 metres, it will increase to almost 120 metres from 120km/h to zero. Speeding also makes your vehicle more difficult to control and it drastically reduces the amount of time you have to react to a situation.

We’d also like to appeal to your wallet here… the faster you travel, the more fuel you use, the harder it is on your vehicle from a maintenance perspective, not to mention the accumulation of costly speeding fines.

Speeding ranks up there with distracted driving, such as texting, speaking, eating and the like – as well as impaired driving which constitutes drinking and substance abuse while driving, all causes in road accidents.

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