Three checks that will keep you safe


They might not be the most interesting feature on a car but when it comes to safety, they are your first line of defence; after a while they will become worn out.

It is easy to check… all you need to do, is look between the spokes of your wheel to spot the shiny metal rotor inside. When you find it, look around the outer edge where you will see the metal caliper. Between the caliper and rotor, you will see the pad.

You will have to estimate, but generally, your pads should be at least two centimetres thick. If they’re any thinner, it’s a good idea to get them changed. Squeaking and scraping sounds when you brake also highlight worn brakes.

Windshield wipers:

It’s advised that wipers should be changed every six months, especially if the blades leave streaks or smears in heavy rain.

Head and taillight bulbs:

An overlooked necessity, lights should be checked once a year. Most of the time there will be no faults, but better safe than sorry. If you notice – in the dark – that the lights have faded, or are out completely, it’s easy to change the burnt-out bulb.

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