Preparing your child to read

Reading is one of life’s most important skills. Being able to read well will give your child an advantage in school and in life.

Moms and dads can do a lot to prepare their children to read. The best thing parents can do to help their children read is to read out loud to them. What are some other ideas to help prepare your child for reading?

Pre-reading activities for babies

Talk to your baby

Baby talk

Whenever you do something with your baby tell him what you are doing. Talk to your baby a lot. Talking to your baby helps improve their language skills.

Play games like peek-a-boo, so big and pat-a-cake with your little one. Playing games with your child not only helps them to learn but it is fun too.

Read books to your baby. Start reading books to your baby early. You can start reading to your children at any age. It is never too early. Use board books, books with different textures, or books with lots of pictures. Point to the pictures in the book and describe the pictures. Encourage your baby to feel the different textures in the book and to point to the pictures in the book.

Pre-reading activities for toddlers

Teach your child the alphabet song

learning through singing

Have fun singing the ABC song as they learn their ABC’s.

Read books to your toddler. Read alphabet books, counting books, books with different colours, storybooks or any book that they like. Read a variety of books to your toddler. Try to read to them several times a day.

Show your child his name in print. You can make a sign for their room or cards for friends and family with his name on it. Start showing him his name in print.

Watch educational shows together. Talk about the show after it ends or play games related to the show.

Pre-reading activities for pre-schoolers

Play rhyming games with your pre-schooler

You can make up silly poems and have your child come up with the word that rhymes. Try giving them a list of three words and picking out the two that rhyme.

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