Winning is an option

The year 2015 brings us time, in the form of 365 days; 12 months; 104 weekend days (Saturday and Sundays combined); 12 holidays and four seasons.

In life, we have what is called equations. Mathematics, biology, accounting, statistics, HR etc have their own equations. In essence an equation has the left-hand side as well as the right-hand side, and what is known about the equations is that they must be balanced, meaning the left-hand side must equal the right-hand side for it to hold true.

So, looking at the above, let’s call what the year brings, the left-hand side and what you bring, the right-hand side. Once again, the left-hand side is 12 months;104 weekend days;12 holidays and four seasons and ‘what are you bringing to balance the equation’? This is what makes you win or lose the battle. The year gives you the tool and how you use it is entirely up to you.

All I am saying is “Sort out the right-hand side of the equation” and you will be happy in life as all the years will bring you the same things. I am yet to hear of a year that had two seasons or 11 months or 50 weekends.

The left-hand side is the given, it is the right-hand side that you can change to whatever you want and win the game of life! Not just complaining and blaming everything around you, you are wasting time if you do this, wake up!

I am saying 2015, here I come! My right-hand side is my energy, passion, faith, collaborative achievement and supportive relationships, skill-set, determination, clearly defined goals, positive attitude and commitment to what I have promised myself that I will do. What is your right-hand side of the equation? What are you bringing to 2015?

Veli Ndaba

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