Are you in your way or on your way to success?

So many people are trapped in the “Stuck State”. This is something that you experienced in the past. This “Stuck State” kills life. People who are in it don’t see the present, the here and now, they are in a mental prison.

It leads to heart attacks, bitterness, high blood pressure, rapid ageing and so on and so forth.

How often have you heard people mostly over 30 years old saying: “I don’t have a tertiary qualification because my parents couldn’t pay for me,” “I am like this because of what my first boss or partner did to me”? These things may have happened when you were 18 years old and have allowed them to hold you back from achieving your dreams.

We all owe it to ourselves to pause for a minute and take stock of our lives, because certain areas of your life may be in a “Stuck State”, meaning you are blocking yourself , you are in your way, and you instead keep on blaming others and circumstances around you. This is the time to get yourself on your way to success because you have the power to do so!

So, take stock of your life right now and get rid of all those excuses that are holding you back!

Veli Ndaba

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