Meet international best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki

It’s been my privilege to have been able to influence so many people through my book and change the financial lives of people all around the world.

This July, I’ll be back in South Africa for Masters of Wealth, a one-day only event and I hope you will join me and my guests as we share with you…

*The 7 skills you must know for business, sales and entrepreneurial success
*The financial mindset you need to succeed in any economy
*The fastest growing opportunity in today’s information-based economy
*Automated systems for immediate income generation
*Generating multiple streams of income before the CRASH in 2016
*How good debt is easy to get and can make you rich
*Raising venture capital to fund your dream, without banks
I’ll be delivering this seminar on the following dates, times and locations:

24 July Sandton Converntion Centre

29 July Durban ICC

1 August Cape Town ICC

My wife, Kim Kiyosaki will be joining me there and here’s a personal message to you she asked me to include: ( 25 – 26 July Sandton Converntion Centre)


Hi fellow women achievers!

I’m really looking forward to visiting you all in South Africa in July this year.

While Robert will be there for his one-day event, I’ll be running the Women Achievers Congress.

I understand firsthand the many challenges women face. We are bound by so many expectations. We struggle to find balance in our lives. We are subject to many inequalities in the workplace.

I want to share what I have learned as a very successful investor and best-selling author in my own right so that you can choose to live the life of your design, not what society dictates for you, starting today.


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