Three Safety Apps Every Woman Should Have


How it works is you set up an unlimited guardian safety network, allowing your guardians to track your whereabouts via GPS. You can invite friends to walk you home and alert them if you are not back at the time you intended. If you do encounter an emergency you can press the app’s alarm and your guardians get an alert with your exact location.



Circle of six

Is perfect for young  women. It allows you to connect with six of your closest friends. The app has different notifications such as going home, bad date and emergency that the user can pick from and alert the circle, it can also connect you to the authorities if you are in serious danger.




Offers you access to contact details and addresses for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, vets and police stations in South Africa. The app also has a feature mySOS Track Me which can track your journey anywhere in SA. If you are running late it checks your GPS location and notifies your emergency SOS contacts.

This app will definitely come in handy, since we have numerous emergency service providers in the private and public sector.



All apps available on iOS and Android


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