Five Incredible Things Elephants Do With Their Trunks

1. Elephants use their trunks to say hello 

Just like a handshake or a hug they intertwine their trunks when meeting to show affection or acceptance.

2. To smell things that are far away 

Elephants are great at sniffing things out, and they can even smell water 19 km away.

3. Snorkel through deep water

Elephants are great swimmers and their built-in snorkel makes it easy for them to cross deep rivers. All they do is let the tips of their trunks out to breathe.

4. Use it as a tool or weapon 

The trunk can beat away threats or use it to search for food on the ground

5.  To make each other feel better 

They use their trunks to pat and embrace in times of distress.





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