Couple shot in street

Ludwig Pieterse in his hospital bed after being shot in the leg during a robbery.

A couple was shot when their car broke down between the R59 and Voortrekker Street on New Years Day.

Ludwig Pieterse (48) and his wife, Su-Marie (51), were on their way home from a holiday when their car’s battery died and the car came to a stop close to Voortrekker Street.

A man reportedly approached the car and attacked Ludwig from behind and hit him on the head, while Su-Marie was on the phone with the couple’s insurance provider.

The attacker told Ludwig to get in the car and handover all their valuables, cellphones and money. When Ludwig told him the car didn’t work, the man said it didn’t matter and to get in the car and give him everything. After Ludwig had given the attacker all their belongings, the attacker shot him in the thigh and Su-Marie in the stomach.

Ludwig noticed that the slide of the attacker’s gun was slid back as there were no bullets left and charged at the attacker. “He warned that he would shoot me again, and I told him that he was stupid because he couldn’t shoot me with an empty gun. I charged at him again and he ran off,” said Ludwig.

“The police took my details and said they would be in touch, but they have not been in touch yet. I want to tell everyone to be vigilant and careful, this could happen to anyone.” Ludwig is currently in the Netcare Union Hospital receiving treatment and is expected to be discharged soon, but his wife is still in ICU.

RECORD is awaiting comment from the police.

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