10 Signs Your Child Is In A Good School

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Making sure your child has a good education is just one of the many boxes parents have to tick before they let their bundles of joy grow up and soar into the world of adulthood. Most of time parents doubt whether they have made the right decision enrolling their child at a school they attend.

There are many reputable schools across South Africa and Africa, and while the drop in matric pass rates is alarming, there are true tell-tale signs that your child is getting a good education. Here is our top ten:

10. You have constant and consistent open communication with the school

The key to knowing what kind of education your child is receiving is having a great communication rapport with their school and teachers. Receiving regular contact in the form of emails, whatsapp, homework slips, test/exam results, parent evenings, letters and phone calls is sure fire way of staying in the loop when it comes to your child’s education.

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9. You and other parents are involved in the school

In an ideal world, parents and teachers would have daily conversation on the progress of their children but realistically, this is almost impossible with the amount of children teachers have to educate on a daily basis. The best way to ensure your child is getting the right amount of help is get involved.  A great sign that your child is in a good school is knowing that you are also involved with other parents around school activities.

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8. The academic program at your child’s school is accessible at all times

Relying on the education department in your district to tell you what your child is learning at school is never the best idea. A good school makes sure that parents know in advance exactly what the child will be learning at any given grade for the year. An excellent school will even have their academic program printed out with guidelines and even make it accessible online.

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7. You know the school governing body, prefects and head teachers

Knowing who runs your school is a great sign that your child is in good hands. Obviously it is near impossible to know every prefect, member of the governing body but knowing your head teachers, students and some key people in your child’s school life will save you the headache of wondering who is influencing or disciplining them when you are not there.

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6. Your child’s school is well maintained and safe

A school does not have to have a lot of facilities or money to be well maintained or safe. A great sign your child is in good hands is if the classes are clean, the school grounds are well maintained and safety is a priority for the school.

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5. The social calendar is just as robust as the academic

Children, like adults are social beings that need to be active and make friends outside of the learning environment. A good school recognises this and creates fun filled activities and days for school children to socialise. Whether it’s a school dance, a fun day or execution days, any school that recognizes this as a big priority, understands balance and ultimately wins brownie points.

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4. The academic average is high despite circumstances

Whether it’s funding, location or lack of teaching staff, any school that maintains a high average despite circumstances beyond their control is a school worth attending.


3. The extra-curricular activities are competitive

Sports and cultural activities are just as fundamental to your child’s growth and learning as their academic output. A good school recognises this and tries to create a healthy environment for students to thrive and grow.

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2. They understand family problems and financial constraints

What many parents fail to realise is that schools are also businesses that have to make money in order to function. A great school is one that makes sure it is empathetic to the expenses and unforeseen circumstances of different family structures. If your child’s school kicks them out because of late fees without notifying you, it is not such a good school. There been many inspiring stories of schools that have raised funds for children who come from disadvantaged homes or have suffered a sudden loss. Those are the kind of schools that care.

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1. Your child’s overall performance is good

One of the major tell-tale signs that your child is receiving the best education possible is if their results show it. Depending on what your child’s general average, academic performance, sports, cultural and social life are great indicators if they are in a good school. School is hard so if your child is happy 80 percent of the time, you have done a great job.

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