Tuesday Life Hack: 5 ways to remember someone’s name

Remembering someone's name doesn't have to be hard. Image by © Beau Lark/Corbis

Many people think they have a bad memory and that this somehow excuses those awkward moments of meeting someone and not remembering their names. The time for those cringeworthy encounters may just come to an end. Try these life hacks of how to remember people’s names.

Register the moment

Many experts say the brain often equates meeting someone new with all the other similar encounters you have had in the past which is why it doesn’t prioritise them. You have to take in the moment and register what the person looks like, is wearing, the setting around you and the best way to do this is to think of five descriptions of the person in your head.

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Look Into Their Eyes

More than any other parts of the face, studies have shown that the brain registers and associates a name with a face using the eyes.

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Repeat After Them

It isn’t good enough to just stare, introduce yourself, shake hands and be done. If you repeat the name you after someone introduces themselves are most likely to remember it. Also ask them about the meaning and origin of the name.

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If you do not focus on that new person you are meeting for those few minutes, your brain doesn’t get a chance to register and encode this message so it stores it in the temporary memory bank.

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Think Ahead

In the rare occasion that you can get to know someone’s name before meeting them, do it, it will help you remember the name.

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Now check out how this house bunny remembers names:



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