20 Things All Cheese Lovers Will Understand

There are few things only cheese lovers understand. Image from Green/Corbis

When it comes to the love of cheese, trying to argue against it is a slippery slope down a never ending torture chamber, it’s just not advisable. It’s Cheese Lovers Day and there’s a few things that only cheese lovers will understand.

The love for cheese goes deeper than the love of most food groups


When you were younger you couldn’t get enough of cheese so you have a lot of time to make up for

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So it irritates you when you have to ask for extra cheese at restaurants,

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Or justify why you are carrying so many different cheeses with you in your grocery bags


Or eating so much cheese

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A meal that does not have cheese, is an inferior meal

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Which is why a cheese platter is your chosen meal of champions


Even though you know sometimes it’s not the best idea

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But you don’t like to reminded of this

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Because it ruins your next cheese surprise 

giphy (13)

When it comes to South African made cheese, everything is fair game

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And your idea of a cheesy pick up line does not involve a human


Unless this human shares your passion for cheese


Then it’s a match made in cheese heaven

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Topped with the best cheese dessert in the world

giphy (29)

So while many might not understand this obsession

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It doesn’t matter because they do not know what they’re missing

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In your books, there are only two kinds of people; one’s that live life to its full cheesy potential

giphy (33)

giphy (2)

And one’s that are sad

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Because cheese is life and life is to be enjoyed.


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