13 signs you are dating a jerk

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and even the world’s most dedicated masochists wouldn’t want to kick off the month of love with their significant jerk/loser/selfish/player still hanging around. If you have the feeling you might be dating a jerk, the time has come to find out the tell-tale signs and make an informed decision. Here are 10 clues that it might be time to say goodbye to that bad relationship.

They hurl insults at everyone including you

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It’s one thing to have a bad day and take it out on innocent bystanders but if this is an everyday occurrence for you and your significant other, chances are it’s time to move on.

They disrespect your friends and family

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A great test for jerks is how they treat your loved ones. If they are disrespectful towards them and your friends and family don’t like them, it’s time to re-evaluate why you are with them.

They cause fights all the time

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Couples disagree, this is a known fact but if you and your partner are always fighting to a point where you can count the good times on one hand, it’s time to let go. Needless to say if they use you or anyone else as a punching bag, it’s time to let go and then call the cops.

They have other significant others

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If you are not the only one they are dating and you haven’t given permission for this kind of set-up, your significant other should not be that significant anymore.

You always pay for everything

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“I have left my wallet” or “I owe you one again” are some of the most common excuses used by many jerks to get out of paying for anything. If this is a regular occurrence, it might be time to check your relationship status.

They are never around when you need them

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One of most obvious signs the person you are dating doesn’t care is when you ask them to be there during a crisis and they are nowhere to be found. In this case they should get lost forever.

They never support you

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Whether it’s a business venture or idea you run past them or a new hobby you want to take up, if your partner never shows you any support without any valid reasons, they shouldn’t be included in the equation.

They’re emotionally manipulative

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Emotional manipulation is a lot harder to decipher from a partner because it is so subtle. If your partner is always threatening you or coercing you to do things you do not want to do, you should get out of that situation.

They treat virtually anyone badly

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Your partner shows their true colours with how they treat the people closest to them. If this causes red flags for you, it might be time to go with your gut.

They are never happy with anything

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A negative person can be like a cancer to themselves and people around them. If your significant other is always complaining, is aggressive and has a temper to match their negative outlook, chances are high that it’ll rub off on you and you will find yourself leading the misery party with them.

They don’t make you happy

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If you don’t remember the last time your partner made you feel happy, it’s a sign you might need to find happiness elsewhere.

They only care about themselves

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Most jerks only see their partners as accessories to accompany their own narcissist needs. If your partner only cares for themselves, they probably will never care for anyone else and no, you won’t be able to change them.

They bring out the worst in you

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If someone rubs you up the wrong way all the time, it’s probably best to let them go.

Everyone deserves a loving and happy relationship

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