Monday Motivation: Stop cyber bullying In 5 clicks

Cyber bullies have a great way of sucking the fun out of social media. Don’t allow them to become a regular fixture in your daily online life. Say goodbye to cyber bullies by clicking on five important buttons on your social media platforms.

1. Ignore

Although cyber bullies are the hardest people to ignore online because they always scream at the top of their lungs trying to get a reaction, acknowledging them can exasperate the situation and get you into even bigger trouble.


2. Report Abuse

On most social media platforms nowadays there are options to report any offensive or abusive users especially if they have broken the rules of engagement.

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3. Unfollow

The simplest way to deal with an abusive cyber bully is to unfollow them and rid your newsfeed of their negative energy.

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4. Block

If reporting abuse and unfollowing someone doesn’t seem to deter them, the next step would be to block them completely and prevent them from having any contact with you.

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5. Remove Profile

This is the most extreme precaution anyone can take when it comes to cyberbullying. Removing your profile ensures that there is no trace of you on the social media site and therefore preventing anyone from being able to make contact at all.

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