Amanda A-mangia: Chinese Steamed Fish

Fish should be eaten at least once a week. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B, vitamin D, trace minerals, and essential omega 3 fatty acids.


fresh hake or any fresh white fish of your choice
fresh ginger, peeled and julienne
spring onions cut into pieces and julienne
soy sauce
fresh chilis, thinly sliced (optional)
fresh coriander

Lay the fish onto a heat proof plate and place into a steamer of boiling water. Cover and steam for 5 – 8 minutes then turn the heat off completely (longer if using a whole fish).

Pop the lid open and check to see if there is excess liquid that formed while steaming. If so, tilt the plate carefully (using kitchen gloves) to drain out the liquid.

Pour soy sauce onto the fish and sprinkle with the ginger and spring onion. Cover for another 5 minutes.

Remove fish from steamer. Add sliced chili and coriander leaves.



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