Monday Motivation: 5 classic cereals to get you out of bed

Mondays are probably the hardest days to get out of bed. This is why the thought of tasting your favourite cereal might be motivation enough to start the day on a positive note.

It’s International Cereal Day and this modern invention has become a mainstay in many households. Here are five outrageously classic cereals and their ads that will melt your taste buds while leaving you feeling very nostalgic about breakfast.

1. Frosties


When it comes to classic cereals, Kellog’s Frosted Flakes or Frosties, stand firmly at the top of household favourites, thanks to the famous mascot, Tony the tiger.

2. Cocoa Pops, Puffs and Krispies


Chocolate flavoured anything is enough to get anyone out of bed and ready to tackle the day. How about a bowl of Cocoa Pops, Puffs and Krispies to take the morning edge off?

3. Rice Krispies


Rice Krispies are probably one of the most versatile and universally loved breakfast cereals. Not only can you make ridiculously tasty breakfast treats with them, you can use them for baking as well.

4. ProNutro


Proudly South African low GI cereal ProNutro has certainly carved a solid reputation among the breakfast treats for people on the go. Not only is it filling and a little healthier than most cereals, it’s ideal for children, adults and diabetics.

5. Jungle Oats


Jungle Oats has long reigned as the wholegrain queen of cereal and the tagline “breakfast for champions” popularized it even more in South Africa as a trusted choice.



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