A death trap on the R59


FOR the last two to three years I have been trying to get this danger on the road dealt with, but to no avail. The problem is on the R59 South towards Vereeniging, just after the bridge, where the off-ramp to Swartkoppies Road is – also from Vereeniging to Alberton.

I have stopped patrol officers and brought their attention to it, and I have called the roads department, traffic department, and even Sanral, several times, but I either just get referred to someone else, they say it’s not their responsibility, or they say they will sort it out and get back to me, but it never happens.

There are no indicator signs to tell you to slow down, the usual signs that start at 300m, then 200m, then 100m are not there. It’s a problem during the day, but at night it’s very dangerous. I have seen two accidents with my own eyes, I can just imagine how many more have happened, and after all these years it has still not been attended to.

I ask that everyone reading this will please do their part to get this problem sorted out, before any serious incidents occur, next time it could be someone from your family or friends.

-Concerned road user-

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